How to Add Users in a Moodle LMS Manually

How to add users in a Moodle LMS manually

If you want to enrol users to a Moodle course, you first have to add users into your Moodle LMS either one by one or bulk. In the post, we would like to show you how to add users into your Moodle LMS manually. This process is one and the same as how to enrol users in Moodle. No difference.

Let’s get started now.

#1 Login to your dashboard

In order to enrol users in Moodle, you have to log into your system. Once you’re done, go to the Site Administration. It’s there on the left-side menu on your plain Moodle system.

Dashboard -> Site Administration

#2 Go to Users

Once you click on the Site Administration, you will find various buttons like Users, Courses, Grades, etc. Click on Users button to add users in your system. In the Accounts under the Users, click on ‘Add a new user’ link to enrol a user into the Moodle LMS.


enrol Users to Moodle LMS 1


#3 Enter ‘General details’ 

Enter a user’s details as per the guidelines there – Username, Authentication, Password, Email, and so on. The user’s username and password should be as per the guidelines. Otherwise, you get an error message.


enrol Users to Moodle LMS 2


#4 Upload ‘User Picture’

Add your user’s picture if you have. Note that all the red exclamations are mandatory fields. Otherwise, there are optional and you can even leave the fields empty.


enrol Users to Moodle LMS 3


#5 Tags & Other details

Also, these fields aren’t mandatory. In case you want to leave them empty you can do so. Once done, click on ‘Create user’ button.


enrol Users to Moodle LMS 4


#6 New user is created

Once you hit the ‘Create user’ button at the bottom, the new user is created on your Moodle LMS. And that’s how you can manually enrol users in your Moodle system.


enrol Users to Moodle LMS 5