Top 5 Moodle themes you need to know

Top 5 Moodle themes you need to know

It’s been about a score year since the Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) in the market as the first of its kind – the Open Source. Today, 100 million users adopt Moodle as their learning software, yet one issue is persistent – UI/UX of the Moodle platform.

The themes solve the problem, but only in part. Because the UI/UX is described as the Achilles heel of Moodle. And only the LMS has the power to fix it right just how you can overcome your own weakness!

In this post, we’ll discuss the 5 top Moodle themes you need to know. Some of them are free and some others come at a cost.

#1 Adaptable 

The name of the theme speaks for itself – you can adapt it to suit your organization branding and style while sharing the burden of testing and development with a community of other Moodle professionals.

The theme showcases a two-column display of items. And it is useful for large to small university installations.

One of the best things about this popular theme is you can place as many marketing blocks as sixty for display, with only two slider images on the homepage.

By the way, you can have two or three-row headers for your sites with customization controls with you. And the support for multiple languages is underway for this theme.

Adaptable Moodle Theme

#2 Theme Lambda 

Theme Lambda has also been one of the best Moodle themes designed and developed by Lambda Solutions so far. However, they need to update the theme versions along with Moodle version releases.

The USP of this theme is it comes with 4+ columns with a completely responsive design so that your users can access the site across the devices. Plus, you have good documentation of theme as a reference resource.

More or less, you will get an eye-catching Moodle site with the Theme Lambda with all the needful customization options from the header to the footer for your branding.

And yes, this premium theme supports languages from RTL to LTR.

Lambda Moodle Theme

#3 Essential 

The Essential theme is one of the most loved free themes for Moodle LMS in spite of its two main drawbacks – no support and end of life beyond Moodle version 3.6.

That is to say, if you download Essential theme for your Moodle version 3.8, your site will be crashed! It doesn’t work.

However, one of the good things of this Moodle theme is it enables you to upload as many icons for fonts as possible. Its layout is simple and a classic three-column type. And you get customization options for the colour scheme.

And it’s best suitable for making sales pages for selling your courses online.

Essential Moodle Theme

#4 RemUI

RemUI is a third-party theme for the Moodle platform from Edwiser. The theme’s USP is its user experience with common features like customization, RTL language support, and the responsive design.

The added advantage of RemUI as of now is you can create courses with two unique course creation formats. And the arrangement of course blocks in a four-column layout in the dashboards looks neat and tidy for the theme users.

As one of the modern themes, RemUI offers multiple colour schemes for its users for branding.

Overall, you get a nice theme to enhance your Moodle eLearning experience.

RemUI Moodle Theme

#5 Moove

Okay. You want to have a theme that showcases what matters the most, the content and learning activities? Moove is the theme! It’s a kind of ‘let’s get to the business’ theme.

The theme offers ‘uniform and enjoyable’ typography, design and customizable login page for you. The USP of this modern theme is it showcases the progress of a Moodle course by topic-wise.

Plus, Moove goes the extra mile and provides an accessibility toolbar to help increase or decrease the font size. And it’s dyslexia-friendly – the readers with dyslexia can make use of this theme without any difficulty.

The drawback of the Moove theme is it’s not fully responsive, and you get the dashboard for admins only. By the way, the Moove theme is a freebie.

Moove Moodle theme

Bonus – Theme Material

The Material theme is designed and developed by eAbyas Info Solutions, a Moodle Partner. It’s pretty good for Universities, Online Learning Portals and K-12 institutions.

And the USP of this theme is a minimalistic design with as little or much as customization to represent your branding – colour scheme, iconography, typography, component design and so on.

The Material theme offers a modern and responsive front-page builder with drag & drop options to position items as such sliders, welcome note, courses, faculty, testimonial and others.

You can place a maximum of four to five slider images.

Coming to the dashboard for this theme users, you get clutter-free and beautifully arranged items with the classic three columns.

The premium theme will be updated seamlessly with the latest versions of the Moodle platform.

Material Moodle Theme

That’s the end of the list. There are other themes as well that earned the admiration of Moodle users. For more details about the rest of the themes, visit the Moodle organization website.