How to Sell Moodle Courses Through PayPal

Sell Moodle Courses

Like to sell Moodle courses through a payment gateway? Fine. You can start selling your course through PayPal.

PayPal is one of the payment gateways to sell the courses in your Moodle system. The gateway is available as an enrolment method. You have to enable it and do the settings.

Let’s see how it works.

#1. Log in to your dashboard

As usually, log in to your Moodle account before you want to enable the PayPal enrolment method for selling courses. Take this path:

Dashboard -> Site Administration

#2. Go to ‘Enrolment methods’

Search on the Site Administration to get enrolment method. When you scroll down the page you will find ‘Manage enrol plugins’. In that enrolment methods, find PayPal.

Sell Moodle Courses 1

#3. Enable PayPal

Under the ‘Enable’ column, click on ‘Crossed eye icon’ to enable the payment gateway. See here in the image the plugin is enabled.

Sell Moodle Courses 2

Then the gateway is enabled.

Sell Moodle Courses 3

#4. Set the gateway ‘Settings’

From the settings of the PayPal, do settings as per your course convention by giving PayPal account details, notices, enrolment cost, enrolment duration, and so on.

Sell Moodle Courses 4

And click on the ‘Save changes’ button at the end.

Sell Moodle Courses 5

#5. Go to the course you want to sell online

Come back to the Site Administration and the Courses and then to the ‘Manage courses and categories’.

Sell Moodle Courses 6

Then click on the course and scroll down to find ‘Enrolled users’. Click again on the button.

Sell Moodle Courses 7

 #6. Go to ‘Enrolment methods’

From the course page, go to the ‘Enrolment methods’ to enact the payment gateway and method.

Sell Moodle Courses 8

#7. Provide PayPal details

Once you choose the PayPal method, you will be taken to the next page where you have to provide details such start date, end date, and so on.

Sell Moodle Courses 9

After that click on ‘Add method’ button at the end.

Sell Moodle Courses 10

#8. See the gateway enablement

Once hit the ‘Add method’ button, the gateway enrolment is enabled. See it here as shown in the image.

Sell Moodle Courses 11

#9. Students can see it now

Now the students can see the course. They can enrol once they make the payment through PayPal.

Sell Moodle Courses 12

That’s how you can sell Moodle courses through PayPal.