How to Create a New Course in Moodle LMS

Moodle course creation


Moodle platform is one of the most popular Learning Management System (LMS) around the world. One of the reasons for that is its flexibility to create a simple, brand new Moodle course as well as its open-source license.

In this post, we’ll discuss how to create a new Moodle course in case you are new to the Moodle platform. Follow these step-by-step guides to help yourself to create a Moodle course.

Step I: 

Log in to your Moodle LMS. Once you are in, go to Site Administration from the left, vertical menu. If you are not the Moodle admin, you can’t see this item there.


Moodle 3.8 Course Creation step1


Step II: 

Click on Courses from the Site Administration page. From under Courses, click on the Add a new course link.


Moodle 3.8 Course Creation Step2


Or you can also create a new Moodle course from Manage Courses and Categories link. Either way, you can build your brand new course from these two options.

When you don’t have the Category it automatically takes up Miscellaneous as its category. Note that it is mandatory to have a category even if it’s Miscellaneous.

You can even create a separate category before creating a new course on your Moodle platform, which we’ll see in another blog.


Moodle 3.8 Course Creation Step3


Step III: 

From this step onwards the actual building up of the course takes place. In case you need any information clarity while creating a Moodle course, point on the question mark icon, and you will get the guidance.

Fill up all the details from the Add a new course. The details such as the course full name and its short name are mandatory.


Moodle 3.8 Course Creation Step4


Step IV: 

In this step, give the Description about your course and also add the relevant image of this Moodle course. Note that it’s not mandatory, but you can still add the content and image here.


Moodle 3.8 Course Creation Step5


Step V: 

Choose the Course format type – Single activity, Topic, Weekly, and Social. For example, if you choose a topic, the course will be displayed as topics.


Moodle 3.8 Course Creation Step6


Step VI: 

Choose the Moodle course appearance. That is to say, you have to select the language and other details like the number of announcements, grade book, and activity reports display.


Moodle 3.8 Course Creation Step7


Step VII: 

Upload the Files and other stuff. Choose the upload size from the dropdown menu there.


Moodle 3.8 Course Creation Step8


Step VIII: 

In this step, you can fill up the remaining details such as Completion trackingRole renamingGroups, and Tags if you need them.


Moodle 3.8 Course Creation Step9


Save and display

After entering all those details, click on Save and display button. Once you do that, then your new Moodle course is created as shown below.


Moodle 3.8 Course Creation Step10


And you can see this course under the Manage Courses and Categories link from Courses under Site Administration.


Moodle 3.8 Course Creation Step11


That’s how you can make a brand new Moodle course on your LMS.

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