Welcome to New Moodle Theme for 2020

Material Moodle theme

eAbyas Info Solutions, a Moodle Partner, takes this moment to announce the launch of a brand new Moodle theme for 2020. At the beginning of this New Year, the Company wants to offer something new and yet profound theme for the Moodle LMS for Moodle platform users across the globe.

So you’ll have this brand new Moodle theme to deck up your Moodle sites. And theme showcases a different blend of design components, layouts, and site aesthetics to display items you want to on its front page.

And we call this professional theme, Material. It’s the best basic Moodle theme for Moodle users.

Guess what? Theme Material makes a good choice for your Moodle sites of K-12, Universities, Online Learning Portals or any site in between. With its in-built flexibility, you can custom the theme to represent your brand.

The themes have a list of these features:

  • Based on Moodle’s core theme
  • Boost Responsive design
  • Custom logo
  • Custom menus
  • User menu
  • Frontpage slideshow (up to 5 slides)
  • Frontpage testimonials section (up to 3 items)
  • Footer social media links
  • Footer content
  • Footer social media links
  • Custom SCSS/CSS
  • Custom icons for course activities and files
  • Supports Moodle social logins
  • Supports popular Moodle course format plugins
  • Supports Font Awesome v4.7.0 icons (600+ icons)
  • Supports Bootstrap 4 components
  • Compatible Browsers: (All Latest) IE, Chrome, Firefox & Safari
  • And more

The noteworthy point here as you can already guess from the above list of features is this new Moodle theme is completely customizable. You can add on or take out anything from the available features and make fantastic front-pages using the front-page builder.

By the way, this theme seamlessly supports the Moodle versions starting from 3.5, 3.6 and up to 3.7. However, the theme versions will be released.

Visit the theme’s website now to buy it.