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August 2019

7 Advantages of Moodle LMS You Need to Know

  If you don’t what Moodle is, chances are you take that word for a kind of minutes-made Noodles (the popular South Asian dish). Unfortunately, it’s not. Moodle is an acronym for Modular Objective Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (MOODLE) developed by the Australian educator and computer programmer, Martin Dougiamas. It’s the first Open Source Learning Management System (LMS) brought out to the public in 2002. Since then, Moodle is the best alternative to tens of commercial LMS software. Currently, about 100 Read More...

July 2019

Say Hello to MoodleNet, Your New Open Social Platform

  Sooner or later, moodle.net, an Open Social Media Platform for the communities of Moodle educators, is going to be a kind-of-history. From this September, Moodle HQ is going to archive all the courses and their content from the moodle.net. In place of that community platform, MoodleNet, a brand new Open Social Media Platform, is simultaneously going to come live. Through this new platform for Moodlers from Moodle, the community of educators can collectively learn and share knowledge to improve the Read More...