Say Hello to MoodleNet, Your New Open Social Platform

What’s cooking? Well, this is the reason why is scrapped from this August. And from the Moodle version 3.8 onward (due for November 2019), you are gonna see MoodleNet as a plugin. Hence it allows you to import resources from MoodleNet to Moodle courses. The vice versa activity is not possible for now but is due for the next phase of development, i.e., Moodle version 3.9.

How does it affect you?
It is going to affect you if you are either a teacher or an admin.


  • You’re no longer going to share your courses from Course Administration settings on
  • You will only be able to import the content and use it from the archives of your contents
  • You won’t find community block finder for courses searches, either to enroll courses or restore them to your Moodle site


  • Both course sharing functionality and community block finder will be disabled. Or, you have to do it
  • If community finder block is in use, you have to disable and intimate your users
  • You have to unset role with Moodle capability and inform the same to the role

For more information about the MoodleNet and unsetting the, visit]]>