How Helpful is a Branded & Customized Moodle Mobile App?

Every product or service you come across comes into the market with specific colours, logo designs, and plenty of other aspects to talk about. That’s how you differentiate your product or service with zillions of others in the same domain or category.

Guess what? The corresponding Moodle mobile app development for your Learning Management System (LMS) has no exception from having a brand awareness. That too, in this new-age, the brand value speaks volumes and fetches continuous business. That’s how helpful branding is!

Branding means value, prestige, and subsequently, constant business.

When you want to provide a mobile app of Moodle LMS for your folks, what you get is a plain Moodle mobile app. You can ask your Moodle LMS vendor to do these two following things:

  • Create a branded mobile app, or
  • Customize that Moodle mobile app

Let’s see what each one means.

Branded Mobile App

Moodle provides a mobile app in case you want to have it along with your Moodle LMS. But you get a plain Moodle mobile app. However, you can ask your Moodle services provide such as eAbyas Info Solutions to provide a branded app for your learners.

The branded mobile app includes:

  • The change of Moodle logo with yours
  • The change of default colour scheme with yours, representing your organization’s

Apart from that, everything is will be as it is from the default Moodle mobile app.

For more information regarding the branded mobile app services, shoot a message to us. eAbyas Info Solutions mobile development team will get back to you with details.

Customized Mobile App

customized mobile app completely differs from branding mobile app in many ways. Some of the custom requirements for LMS app users such as you are listed here:

  • Dashboards
  • Login page
  • User profiles
  • User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX)
  • Navigation
  • Unique learning modules such as classrooms or learning paths
  • And more unique components

You can have a combination of both branding and customization for Moodle mobile app.

Want to have a look at what a customized mobile app look like? Check this one out. BizLMS is a corporate training software from eAbyas Info Solutions. One of the principal advantages of this built-on-top-of-Moodle-platform is its mobile application.

The LMS app developed by our mobile app team incorporates all major aspects of your Moodle LMS. The learners can even attempt quizzes or submit assignments at their convenience.

Plus, the app showcases the UI/UX part brilliantly with easy-to-find something navigation, classrooms, eLearning, and other focal aspects of a major corporate LMS.

For more information, write to us and we will get back to you as fast as we can.

How Do a Branded & Customized Mobile App Help Your Learners?
Having a branded & customized mobile app offers plenty of benefits for you on the whole. Consider some of the benefits here:

  • Offer micro learning through a custom mobile app
  • Help access the courses’ content both online and offline
  • Provide corporate training at their fingertips for optimal learning outputs
  • Encourage personalized learning at the learner’s own pace of learning
  • Utilize the technology for reducing costs and efforts as in case of product demonstration through live videos
  • Include provisions to take tests online and submit the assignments through the app
  • Make them access the training calendar for their information for registering and taking part in their courses and events
  • And more

Thus, having a branded and customized mobile app only complements your corporate training by helping your learner to access training contents at anywhere and anytime.