How to Create Assignment in Moodle with Ease

Moodle Assignment Activity

Assignments are part and parcel of learning on the Moodle Learning Management System (LMS). That’s why we’ve thought of writing a step-by-step blog post on “how to create an assignment in Moodle.”

The Assignment activity lets a teacher of a course do the following actions:

  • Give tasks
  • Set due dates
  • Collect students’ work
  • Provide feedback
  • Grade assignments

The assignment may be by and large in digital format i.e. word document, audio/video file, spreadsheets, or images.

So, instructors have the access to add assignments in Moodle, of any format, to make sure their students following along.

Let’s go step-by-step to add an assignment.

#Step 1: Log in

Log in to the Moodle LMS with your credentials. Here, we login as an Admin. Once you log in, you’re on your dashboard.

#Step 2: Go to Course

From your dashboard, go to ‘Site administration’ to ‘Courses’ to ‘Manage courses and categories’ to add assignments to a course.

The numbers in the screenshot indicate how you navigate.

Go to your course by clicking on the name of your course link and by clicking on ‘View.’

Create Moodle Assignment1

Create Moodle Assignment2

#Step 3: “Turn edit on” from the Course Page

‘Turn edit on’ from the course for which you want to add an assignment. For doing so, click on the ‘gear’ menu.

Create Moodle Assignment3

Then you get ‘Add an activity or resource’ link to add an assignment.

Create Moodle Assignment4

#Step 4: Add an Activity or Resource

Choose ‘Assignment’ to add from ‘Add an activity or resource’ link.

Create Moodle Assignment5

#Step 5: Enter the Details of Your Assignment

To create an assignment in Moodle, provide the following general details.

  1. Name of the assignment
  2. Description of your assignment
  3. Add a file (you can drag and drop it)

Create Moodle Assignment6

#Step 6: Set Due Dates

From ‘Availability’ part, set due dates for your assignment. It includes the start time of accepting the completed assignment and the date to which you accept them.

Create Moodle Assignment7

#Step 7: Set Assignment Submission Type

From this part from the create assignment in Moodle, you set the following conditions:

  • Submission type: Online text or file submission
  • Number files to be allowed to submit
  • The max. size of the files
  • Accepted file formats

Create Moodle Assignment8

#Step 8: Feedback Type

While creating an assignment in Moodle, you have to enable what type of feedback you can provide to your students.

These are common feedback types:

  • Comments: written by grader for each submission
  • Files: spoken audio files or documents with commentary or marked up student’ submission
  • Offline grading worksheet
  • Inline: comment inline during the grading

Create Moodle Assignment9

#Step 9: Provide Submission Settings

These submission settings are basically ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ type, except ‘Attempts reopened.’

In ‘Attempt reopened,’ if you set to Manually, the teacher can open the submission. If set to Automatically pass until, the submission automatically opens until the student achieves pass grade.

Create Moodle Assignment10

#Step 10: Grading Assignment

We’re almost done creating assignments in Moodle once we finish how you want to evaluate an assignment.

  • Grade type: if you select none, it means the assignment worth nothing.
  • Grading method: simple grading, grading guide or rubric
  • Grade category: when choosing this field, the grade automatically comes under that category
  • Grade to pass: enter the value
  • Blind Grading: if you enable it, the graders will not see the students’ names while grading
  • Marking workflow: if you enable, the assignment goes through a marking workflow; Not graded, In-progress, Grading complete, In review, Ready for release, and Released.

Create Moodle Assignment11

That’s all to add assignment activity in Moodle.

There are other options too; like notifications, restrict access, tags, activity completion, and so on.

#Step 11: Add Assignment Successful!

Finally, click on ‘Save and display’ button at the end. Then this is how it looks as shown in the screenshot.

Create Moodle Assignment 12

It’s done. You added an assignment in Moodle successfully.

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