How Good is It to Have Moodle Mobile App for Your L&D?

Moodle Mobile App

In this age of Information Technology, everything changes so fast that even the learning methods and means have no exception to these changes. When desktops made learning happen online, smartphones have created feasibility for personalized learning to take place anytime and anywhere.

Moodle Learning Management System (LMS), the number one Open Source platform, takes advantage of this technology advances and has its own Moodle mobile app. Why?

Take a look at the statistics for a moment to understand the impact of mobile learning if you take advantage of a mobile app; Of about 8 billion population, 67 percent (5.112 billion) are unique mobile users but only 57 percent (4.388 billion) have the internet connection. So clearly the mobile has an edge over the desktop.

Subsequently, reaching out to folks at your organization through a mobile app becomes a necessity.

8 Reasons for Why You Need A Moodle Mobile App

Now let’s reason with the list of them given here below for why you need a Moodle mobile app, apart from your Moodle LMS.
8 reasons - Moodle Mobile App

#1 Corporate training/academic learning flexibility

Necessity is the mother of all inventions. Though the saying is a cliché to use for one more time, for want of a better description I have to use it for the aptness of the context here. Coming to the corporate work culture, some of your folks have to travel as part of their job – for example, marketing, and sales teams. Given their work nature, you can’t keep them at the office and train them, except for security-compliance-kind-of corporate training.

In situations as such, Moodle mobile app for corporates comes handy to do a number of things right from the employee’s phone.

#2 Need system for all activities? Have the app for some, right?

Your folks need not sit in front of their desktop to perform A to Z of their eLearning training. Some of them can be done right from their mobile app. For example, a learner wants to upload his due assignment or take a quiz, then he/she can finish it off using their smartphone app.

Plus, they can do such activities wherever they are and whenever they can, within the due timeline.

#3 Keep up to date through notifications

How do your employees know that you’ve enrolled them to so and so courses? Without the Moodle mobile app, the only way they can know is when they login to the system. With the app, they’ll come to know through notifications – a default feature of the Moodle app.

Likewise, your learners will receive notifications about each and everything of their eLearning. That’s a good way to keep them updated instantly.

#4 Access eLearning course content 

Having your Moodle mobile app makes your corporate training/academic learning flexible and personalized. That is to say, you allow your trainings to take place beyond the 9-to-5 schedule by accessing the relevant course content. Flexible and personalized training helps improve learning and development (L&D) outcomes manifolds.

Moodle CoursesAs a result, you will see your training ROI going up and up. It’s as simple as – give (flexibility of accessing courses to employees) and take (better training ROI) policy.

Moreover, the employees can check what courses they enrolled in, which of them in progress, and which they completed.

#5 Offline course content

It’s an advantage of Mobile learning. Your employees can access the course contents anywhere and anytime and go through their training. A desktop doesn’t give this anytime-anywhere flexibility though you can access the courses offline there too. So, your Moodle mobile app encourages your employees’ access course content offline and continue learning.

#6 Calendar Events

Using calendar events, your employees can create their events – to submit an assignment on so and so date, block date to enroll in a course, or as such. Also, they can note the important announcements through the calendar – the launch of a new course. Thus, your employees can keep track of their corporate training through calendar events. This feature is also a default one from the Moodle platform.

#7 Check Grades

Again, your learners need not log in to their systems to check their learning progress. But right on their mobile, they can see their grades for tasks, quizzes, assignments, etc. Overall, the learners can see the grade of a course they completed. The completion criteria may be different from course to course. So are the grades for them.

Thus, your learners can monitor their learning progress, see their performance, and hence, can chart the future course of action concerning their learning outcomes.

#8 All major activities of LMS made available on the app

If you want to know Moodle in three words, here are they – course, activities, and quizzes. The Moodle mobile app includes all major activities available on the Moodle LMS. For example, a quiz is one kind of Moodle activity. So are assignment and glossary.

In other words, your Moodle mobile app resembles a mini LMS in your hands. As a student, you can upload an assignment. Or as a teacher, you can grade a quiz or assignment.


Therefore, the Moodle mobile app is as good as your Moodle LMS and supports your L&D by offering flexibility and personalized learning. For more about having an app for your LMS, contact us today.