Introducing BizLMS, the Top Corporate Learning Management System

The Learning and Development (L&D) in a corporate setting is a non-negotiable and never-ending process to align the employees’ skills upgrade with the changing economic objectives of the organization. A software – Learning Management System (LMS) – that accommodates the perpetual corporate training plays a pivotal role in meeting the organizational goals.

And choosing the right kind of LMS – out of many in the market – plays a decisive factor in getting the Return on Investment (ROI). Hence, a good enterprise LMS is the need of the hour for corporates. 

Keeping all the factors that enterprises looking for in an LMS, eAbyas Info Solutions has designed and developed a Corporate training LMS – called, BizLMS. And today, we gladly announce its release into the market. 

Not just another LMS…

We strongly believe that BizLMS is worth its salt, despite hundreds of LMSs available in the market. What sets the LMS a pole apart with the crowd is the features that help you have the complete control of the LMS software.

A list of the salient features of BizLMS is given here below:

  • Built on top of the Moodle with the sweeping changes in User Experience
  • Incorporates multi-tenancy and scalability for large enterprises
  • Get complete source code & install it on-premises that put you at the helm
  • Accommodates all types of learning and development – i.e., supports blended learning
  • Make the most of your LMS with the in-built learning and analytics with reports and dashboards
  • Customize everything from color schemes to courses to represent your brand
  • Won’t break your bank budget-wise & any hidden cost or lock-ins

Like to know more about BizLMS? Click here for details or contact us for a live demo.

Make an LMS world of difference with BizLMS

Take any LMS from the eLearning industry, you will encounter a double whammy from it – safe & secure system concerns and shelling out extra bucks on subscriptions. BizLMS, however, turns them into two strokes of luck for corporates. 

 First, as mentioned above in one of the points, you get the complete source code once you buy BizLMS. And the product is installed right on your premises, making the BizLMS the first-of-its-kind to do so. No other corporate LMS in the market takes such a bold initiative for the clients. 

With the install-on-premises feature of BizLMS, your content system will be as secure as Area 51.

Second, in developing this LMS software, no third-party tools are included in the LMS. The modules are indigenously developed on top of the popular Moodle. Thus, you have a robust system, both security, and functionality-wise.  

Third, although you find an LMS you think is fit for you, you might have gone back on grounds of budget concerns – paying too much for too few users or too much for per user. Fortunately, the subscription plans of BizLMS are not a kind of an unreachable bunch of grapes. These plans are favorable to corporates across the spectrum of business. Check these subscriptions here now. 

And last, get this corporate LMS completely customized to fit into your L&D needs from the color scheme to courses to modules. Indeed, BizLMS is that flexible and favorable to corporate training. 


You looking for any corporate LMS for your L&D, with better control options, functionality (advanced features), security, and affordability?

Think BizLMS.

5 Reasons Why Learning Analytics Stimulates eLearning More

#1 Personalized Learning Space and Pace

This post aims to remind people of their growth in anything as an absolute. You like to do things at your own pace. And every learner cannot learn at the level and pace with the rest of them. In the same way, the learning analytics helps your learners find their learning space and pace for optimum learning outcomes, which help in effective organizational decision-making. For doing so, draw out the insights at each step of their learning curve. The insights such as the courses that suit her, the timings she prefers to learn, and such others prioritize your learner’s learning /training. To that end, it is feasible to create custom courses to bring out the best from each of your learners, allowing them to learn at the space and pace they are comfortable.

#2 Performance Forecast

A part of the usefulness of learning analytics is to predict learners’ performance in advance so that a trainer or a manager can take necessary steps to engage and encourage at-risk or low-performing learners. Either from their learning analytics from the big pile of system data or directly from themselves, you can elicit why they are not productive at so and so education/training. Ultimately, predicting the performance of your learners helps you take precautionary measures to improve their learning experiences.

#3 Perfect Your Course

Has your course gotten a smaller number of registrations? Or, is everyone passing training? Does your L&D consist of boring, monotonous text material? These facts are enough to smell a rat. The learning analytics helps you get such insights as above. Based on those invaluable suggestions, rework on your courses until you get them right enough to effectively train/educate your learners. Thus, you perfect your courses for optimum learning experiences.

#4 Productive eLearning

How do you make your learners productive at eLearning? For that purpose, you have to first improve their engagement levels beyond your courses. The learning analytics shows which courses, activities, quizzes, assignments, Scorm, or as such getting highest and lowest levels of learner engagement. Again here, if you have designed your courses properly (read, engagingly) based on the insights, you automatically increase your learners’ productivity for better profits. Otherwise, you have to check for where the learners are going wrong, why they are going wrong, and how to get over that unproductivity. You can draw such crucial insights from the learning analytics from your LMS.

#5 Practicable Courseware Budget

You can know to which course or part of it working or not working, then you can either focus on improving the course (or, its parts) or allocate the time and efforts to improve on what’s working for learners. Learning analytics helps you in this regard. Observing the same from your analytics, you can conclude and accordingly allocate your budget to prepare high-quality eLearning material at a reasonable cost. As a result, you cut through the cost of education/training and improve the Return On Investment (ROI). You can see all these reasons viable in LearnerScript, a Moodle learning analytics, and reporting plugin if you employ Moodle LMS. To know more about this tool, visit us or contact us.]]>