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August 2019

5 Reasons Why Learning Analytics Stimulates eLearning More

Peter Ferdinand Drucker, a renowned management consultant and educator, once quoted as saying, “What gets measured gets done.” The statement is true even when it comes to eLearning which takes place on a Learning Management System (LMS). However, the question here is: don’t you like to know how productive your learners are and how good your courses are on your LMS? That’s where the learning analytics comes into the big picture of eLearning. From the big piles of LMS data Read More...

May 2019

Introducing LearnerScript, the Learning Analytics Tool for Moodle LMS

At the outset, we at eAbyas are excited to announce today the launching of LearnerScript – the advanced learning analytics tool, a built-in plugin for the popular Moodle LMS. This Moodle plugin is the only one of its kind We are excited because this reporting tool is certainly something that’s gonna make a world of difference for Moodle learning analytics for good. That’s why we are eager to share this good news with all the folks who use the Moodle platform Read More...