5 Top New Updates You Need to in Moodle 3.10

5 Top New Updates You Need to in Moodle 3.10

As we expect every year, this time too, we have a new Moodle 3.10 version update from the Moodle Learning Management System (LMS). This latest version is second such in even in this crisis year.

A community of developers along with Moodle HQ update this open-source learning platform to be “modern, accessible and flexible” for students, teachers, and administrators.

Now let’s look at the new features in Moodle 3.10 version.

#1. Experience all-new Updates on H5P

If you are an eLearning course creator, you know the use of H5p. One no need to specially mention about its usefulness.  With the latest update in Moodle 3.10 version, you’re gonna ‘make the most of H5P.’

See some of the highlights listed here below:

  • Grade H5P content: create H5P content as a Moodle activity embedded in courses or do it as a standalone activity. And can grade them and get the grades displayed on the gradebook.
  • Content Bank Updated: you know the content bank enables you to make, to save, to upload, and to use it across the courses. Through this improvement, you can download or replace the existing H5P content across the courses.
  • Novice to H5P? Learn how to use it with tutorials and videos and create an H5P activity in Moodle.
  • Brand Your H5P Content: Use your own branding style on headings, bars, and buttons using JavaScript code. That’s a way to personalize your content.

#2. Browse Content Offline

This time, through this latest Moodle version, your students can download the training course after they finish it. So they browse through the contents after they are offline.

The Moodle HQ says, “More such improvements are in pipeline this area,” in the later developments/versions of this open-source learning platform.

#3. New Payment Gateway

This new improvement aims to monetize your Moodle courses.

Moodle 3.10 version comes with a new payment gateway so that it supports new payment platforms in the course of time. As of now, the Moodle platform supports only PayPal.

So with a “new standard plugin” and “new admin setting” you:

  • Enable paid enrolments
  • Specify surcharges for a payment method
  • Create different payment accounts for teachers having to deal with different paid courses

More improvement will come in the later versions.

#4. Popular Moodle Quiz Update

Yes, your favorite quiz activity gets an improvement! Here are they:

  • In a timed quiz, the timer follows you as you scroll down. Nice isn’t it?
  • File size restriction for essay questions. Set the size and make your students follow that by uploading ‘reasonable’ file size.
  • A ‘Completed’ status for quizzes. Students will know by this that their job is done and their work saved properly.

#5. Folder Resources

If you want to see content/images in a folder, what will you do? You have to download them.

But with the latest version, the images and HTML files in a folder can be directly viewed in the browser. Downloading for the purpose is not required.

For that purpose, you have to untick ‘Force download of files’ while creating a folder.

That’s all with the new features of Moodle 3.10 version. Visit the Moodle website for detailed Moodle 3.10 release notes.