How to Edit and to Make Better Moodle Course

How to edit Moodle course?

So you want to make changes to your existing Moodle course? Whatever the reason behind that, you can edit and still make a better Moodle course. Here is how you go about this task.

By the way, if you have the experience on how to create a Moodle course, then it’s easy how to edit a Moodle course.

Follow the below guiding steps to edit a Moodle course.

Step 1: Log in to your Moodle dashboard

To edit your Moodle course, you have to log into your dashboard. And from there, go to the Site Administration link. It’s easy to find the link if you have a plain Moodle LMS from the left side menu.

Here below is given the path (in case of plain Moodle):

Dashboard -> Site Administration

Step 2: Go to ‘Manage courses and categories’

After you log in, go to ‘Manage courses and categories’ under Courses from the Site Administration. Choose the Moodle course category and course which you want to modify.


Edit Moodle Course 1


Step 3: Click on ‘Gear icon’ to edit the course

Click on ‘Gear icon’ from the list of icons under the course title. Then the following form – Edit course settings – will open up. Make necessary changes wherever you want to in this general info.


Edit Moodle Course 2


 Step 4: Course Description and Image

In case you want to change the description and image of your Moodle course you can do so from here. Note that it’s not mandatory to give to description and image even while setting up the Moodle course.


Edit Moodle Course 3


 Step 5: Change Moodle course format to weekly

Here too, you can modify a Moodle course format if required – from topics to weekly to social to a single activity. Modify the format to any of them according to the requirement.


Edit Moodle Course 4


 Step 6: Moodle course appearance 

From a Moodle course appearance, you can modify items such as grade book and reports visibility, the number of announcement for this course, etc.


Edit Moodle Course 5


Step 7: Files and uploads and sundry

There are other things to modify – files and uploads, completion tracking, groups, tags, etc. If it’s necessary, do make changes.


Edit Moodle Course 6


Step 8: Save and display

Finally, to update the changes, click on ‘Save and display’ button at the end.


Edit Moodle Course 7


Thus you complete the editing of a Moodle course.