How to Create Course Category in your Moodle LMS

How to create Moodle 3.8 Course Category

If you want to create a Moodle course, you have to create a Moodle course category first. Otherwise, the course you are going to make by default will come under the ‘Miscellaneous’ parent category.

So, in this step-by-step guidepost, we’re going to show you how to create a Moodle course category, and also, to edit it.

Here we go.

#1 Login to Your Moodle Dashboard

The first thing you need to do is to log into your Moodle LMS as the admin. Once done, go to the Site Administration. In plain Moodle, it will be available under the list of the left-side menu.

Click on the Site Administration link and afterward on the Courses button. You can create a course category either from:

  • Manage course and category, or
  • Add a category

See the image for clarity.


Moodle Course Category Creation 1


#2 Add a Moodle Course Category

From under the Course, go to the Add a category. Then ‘Add new category’ form will be opened. Fill out the details in the form.

Make sure that you fill-up the mandatory field – Category name. And the rest are optional for filling up.


Moodle Course Category Creation 2


#3 Click on Create Category

Finally, click on the Create category button at the bottom to create your Moodle course category.

You can see the newly created category in Manage courses and categories under Courses from the Site Administration as shown in the image.

Thus you can add a new Moodle course category.


Moodle Course Category Creation 3


How to Edit Course Category in Moodle

In the above section, you have come to know how to create a course category in Moodle LMS. In case you want to modify the Moodle course category, you can do so by following this procedure.

Step 1

Go to ‘Manage courses and categories’ where you find categories. Click on the ‘Gear icon’ from the category which you want to modify.

Site Administration -> Courses -> Manage courses and categories


Moodle Course Category Creation 4

Step 2

Choose the Moodle course category to edit and click on the ‘Gear icon’ to modify it.


Moodle Course Category Creation 5


Step 3

Make necessary changes before you click on ‘Save changes’ button. Then the Moodle course category is updated.


Moodle Course Category Creation 6


See the image to check the changes made to the course category.


Moodle Course Category Creation 7


Thus, you can create a Moodle course category and modify it.