Moodle Mobile App

Make your course content personalized and readily available anywhere and anytime, using our Moodle mobile app. With the help of their Moodle app, your learners’ can instantly access courses and training material and make learning and development happen at self-pace. The app even allows them to access the content offline.


Highlights of Moodle Mobile App

    • Asset-6 Access Courses Anywhere

      Have the access to your resources both online and offline at anytime to continue your learning

    • Asset-5 Offline learning

      Get course contents offline even when you are offline and continue to learn and develop at your own pace.

    • Asset-4-1 In-app communication

      Send messages including private one, chat on groups, and participate in forum discussions by using the App

    • Asset-3-1 Mobile notifications

      Receive private messages, notifications of such as new courses, and important announcements

    • Asset-2-1 Grades

      Know your grades in few taps for all your assignments, courses, and continue to improve from where you lag behind.

    • Asset-1-1 Keep up to date with calendar events

      Access your event activities quickly and easily and get updated with delayed or upcoming activities.

    • Preconfigured LMS access
    • Splash Screens, Logo and icons will be designed as per your branding

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