Moodle Hosting

eAbyas offers to host high-performance Moodle sites for organizations of all sizes and sectors. We take the IT burden away from you by allowing you to focus more on educational development. Our services are not just limited to hosting Moodle out-of-box. We also provide support in the installation of plugins, migration within the same version, patches, bug fixing, and integrations with third-party tools. The company has experience working with Moodle instance of user base 100 to 40,000.

  • Managed Moodle Hosting services with servers located in India and the USA
  • Managed a high concurrency Moodle Instances from optimizing the Application and Database, with multi-servers architecture
  • Provides an optimized Moodle Pageviews by improving the speed and concurrency of Moodle LMS
  • Managed Services – Disaster Recovery Policy, Business Continuity Plan, and III tier back-up architecture

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