Moodle Customization

Tailor-make an LMS based on your requirement. Our experts have developed 50 plus plugins for clients and 100 plus custom plugins for Moodle so far. Provide Custom Workflow Development for clients. Being partners with the popular Moodle LMS, our customized products and plugins conform to the unmatched Moodle standards.



Themes are packaged extensions that enhance the look and feel of your Moodle site when you browse through it. Choose from our available range of themes personally designed & developed by our designers, SMEs, and experts. After thorough research on the User Interface (UI) from the perspective of a custom role on Moodle, we have brought out a set of Moodle themes to enable you for ease and a quick walkthrough on the system.

Theme Profile:

  • Develops user-friendly and seamless navigation themes for Moodle platform
  • Tailor-makes Moodle course page to improve and simplify the navigation of course contents
  • Covers background images, colors, fonts, buttons, the frame, and as such to enhance the look and feel of a Moodle site


Moodle has over 100 million-plus users from almost all the locations on the earth. However, there is a dearth of suitable analytics and reporting tools that are robust and flexible for the Moodle platform. Our product LearnerScript fills the gap for an affordable and advanced analytics solution for this Open-source.

LearnerScript Highlights:

  • Custom Moodle dashboards for multiple roles
  • Custom course dashboard for each course
  • Design your brand-new report within 5 minutes
  • Schedule reports and give permissions to reports based on Moodle context roles


You can’t imagine a Learning Management System without software integrations. Such integrations arise out of the need for a seamless L&D solution aligned with the organization’s objectives in a dynamic setting. And guess what? we are good at this job.

Some of our integrations/authentications implementations:

  • Jasper Reports (BI) Integration (SSO)
  • CiviCRM Integration
  • Drupal, Joomla, Mahara Integration Implementations
  • Weka Data Mining for Course Grouping & Discussions
  • Document Management System like Alfresco

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