An advanced Moodle analytics plugin with
cutting edge performance, on-premises installation, and affordability



Here are the right reasons (read as features) to go for LearnerScript for decisive Moodle analytics and insights

For Moodle platform

This learning analytics tool is developed and designed as an exclusive plugin for Moodle platform. And it runs from your very servers because it’s on-premises installable add-on.

Moodle platform

Data security & safety

Developed by a Moodle partner, the tool is installable on-premises so that no data transfer to a third-party is required, and thus your data is as secure as Fort Knox!

Data security safety


Cross DB compatibility

LearnerScript is cross-compatible with the world’s favourite databases – MySQL, MSSQL, MariaDB and PL/pgSQL. There we are with you!

Customizable reporting

Customizable reporting tool

Customize dashboards to suit your requirements, or even add a custom Moodle reporting dashboard. Avail the Course Filter for Moodle Course-wise dashboard.



The tool is available as One Time Purchase (OTP) at an affordable price tag. No hidden costs or exorbitant monthly subscriptions that break the bank.

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