How to Add Course Content in the Moodle LMS

How to Add Course Content in the Moodle LMS

How to Add Course Content in the Moodle LMS

How about having an engaging course on your Moodle LMS? And who doesn’t like to create such a course if they are a teacher, an admin, or a course creator? Hence the contents of your course play a king’s role in the successful engagement of your course.

So, how to add content to your Moodle course? If you are a beginner in the Moodle administration, make no mistake. Add some content to a course as we show you in the following step-by-step beginner guide.

Let’s get started and create a wonderful course on Moodle LMS.

Step I: Sign in to your role on Moodle

You need to log in if you are a Moodle admin or a teacher on the learning management system (LMS). Once signed in, go to your course to add the contents.

Then start adding course contents.

Sign in to Moodle

Step II: Go to the Cog icon

You need to select the Cogwheel icon if you want to enable or make changes to your course. Once you select the icon, a dropdown menu opens with the options to choose from.

Moodle Settings - Cog Wheel

Step III: Turn the editing option on

If you want to make changes to your course, you have to select the ‘Turn edit on’ link from the dropdown from the Cogwheel. Once selected, then the hidden links appear on the course page.

Moodle - Turn editing on

Step IV: Decide what you want to add first

As mentioned in the previous step, you need to decide what to add first. You want to add an announcement or a topic or something else? Or you want to shuffle the topics among themselves after you’ve created them?

Moreover, it’s better to have a course of action even before you start to add course contents to a Moodle course. Then it makes your job as a course creator smooth.

Step V: Add topic

Once you enable ‘Turn editing on’ from the Cog icon, at the bottom of the page, you will find the ‘Add topics’ link. Select the link to add a topic to the course. Once you select the link, you’ll get a pop-up form.

  • Mention the number of topics to add to the number of sections
  • Select the ‘Add topics’ button to add them

Then the changes will reflect in your course once you select the ‘Add topics’ button.

Moodle Add Topics

Moodle Select Topics Number

Step VI: Add an activity or resource

Under each topic, there’s a link called ‘Add an activity or resource’ to add any activity or resources related to your course. There are about fourteen activities and eight resources by default in Moodle. If you add any of the plugins to your Moodle LMS, then use them as an activity.

For example, if you install a video streaming plugin for your Moodle, then the tool will be available under the ‘Add an activity or resource.’

  • Select the activity or the resource
  • Select the ‘Add’ button to add it to the course

Otherwise, double-click on the activity or resource to proceed with it.

Moodle - Add an activity or resource

Step VII: Topic actions

There are topic actions available in case you want to make changes to your Moodle course. Select the dropdown menu from the ‘Edit’ link. This link is available under each topic.

  • Edit topic. Select this topic to edit it. Change its title, summary, and so on.
  • Give prominence to a topic by using this action.
  • Hide or Show. Put a topic out of the sight of your students. Or showcase it as usual.
  • Remove a topic from here.

Moodle - Edit Topic

That’s how to add course content in the Moodle LMS. Hope this will be useful for those who want to get into the Moodle administration. Or those teachers who want to upskill themselves on Moodle LMS use.

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