7 eLearning Trends the Most Useful for 2021

The Twenty-twenty was such a dramatic year for everyone from all walks of life. Nobody thought that a pandemic would strike so hard on every walk of life, let alone businesses and Learning & Development (L&D). The events unfolded were hardly anyone could dream of even in their wild dreams,...

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7 eLearning Trends 2021

7 eLearning Trends the Most Useful for 2021

The Twenty-twenty was such a dramatic year for everyone from all walks of life. Nobody thought that a pandemic would ...
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How to improve Moodle LMS performance

[Part I] How to Understand and Improve Your Moodle LMS Performance

Moodle is undoubtedly the best open-source learning platform, with 248, 250, 478 users (and counting) in 251 countries around the ...
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Why you need LMS administrator?

No Organisation for LMS Administrator? Here Is Why You Need One

Let me put it straight and to the point, why hire a Learning Management System (LMS) administrator (admin, hereafter)? You ...
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5 Top New Updates You Need to in Moodle 3.10

5 Top New Updates You Need to in Moodle 3.10

As we expect every year, this time too, we have a new Moodle 3.10 version update from the Moodle Learning ...
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Moodle Assignment Activity

How to Create Assignment in Moodle with Ease

Assignments are part and parcel of learning on the Moodle Learning Management System (LMS). That’s why we’ve thought of writing ...
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Sell Moodle Courses

How to Sell Moodle Courses Through PayPal

Like to sell Moodle courses through a payment gateway? Fine. You can start selling your course through PayPal. PayPal is ...
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How to create Moodle quiz activity

How to Add a Quiz to a Course in Moodle

In this Moodle Learning Management System (Moodle LMS) administration tutorials, you will learn about how to add a quiz to a ...
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How to add users in a Moodle LMS manually

How to Add Users in a Moodle LMS Manually

If you want to enrol users to a Moodle course, you first have to add users into your Moodle LMS ...
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How To Add a Teacher to Moodle Course

This is How You Add Teacher to Moodle Course

In this Moodle administration tutorial, you will learn about how to add a teacher to a Moodle course. You know ...
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How to Enroll students into Moodle course

How to Add a Student to Moodle Course

In this Moodle administration tutorial, you will learn how to add a student to a Moodle course. In order to ...
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How to edit Moodle course?

How to Edit and to Make Better Moodle Course

So you want to make changes to your existing Moodle course? Whatever the reason behind that, you can edit and ...
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How to Duplicate a Moodle Course

How to Duplicate a Moodle Course

In this Moodle post, let’s discuss on how to duplicate a Moodle course (or how to copy a Moodle course) ...
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How to create Moodle 3.8 Course Category

How to Create Course Category in your Moodle LMS

If you want to create a Moodle course, you have to create a Moodle course category first. Otherwise, the course ...
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Moodle course creation

How to Create a New Course in Moodle LMS

Moodle platform is one of the most popular Learning Management System (LMS) around the world. One of the reasons for ...
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Moodle Log Report Plugin

How Log Report Plugin Helps You for Better Moodle Use

There are Moodle plugins that make your Moodle Learning Management System (Moodle LMS) for better use. And one of such ...
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How Helpful is a Branded & Customized Moodle Mobile App?

Every product or service you come across comes into the market with specific colours, logo designs, and plenty of other ...
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Top 5 Moodle Themes 2020

5 Top Moodle Themes of Old & New to Know in 2020

It’s been about a score year since the Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) in the market as the first of ...
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Material Moodle theme

Welcome to New Moodle Theme for 2020

eAbyas Info Solutions, a Moodle Partner, takes this moment to announce the launch of a brand new Moodle theme for 2020 ...
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Moodle Plugin for Secure Login

7 Moodle Authentication Plugins to Know for Secure Login

Moodle platform is one of the few Learning Management Systems (LMSs) that comply with Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) for secure ...
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Moodle Mobile App

How Good is It to Have Moodle Mobile App for Your L&D?

In this age of Information Technology, everything changes so fast that even the learning methods and means have no exception ...
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Moodle-H5P integration

This is Why Moodle Join Hands with Joubel to Integrate H5P

Moodle HQ joined hands with H5P recently to incorporate one of the best plugins a Learning Management System (LMS) can ...
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Introducing BizLMS, the Top Corporate Learning Management System

The Learning and Development (L&D) in a corporate setting is a non-negotiable and never-ending process to align the employees’ skills ...
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MoodleMoot Returns to India in 2020

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A few days back, Moodle HQ announced its plans to conduct a MoodleMoot in India in 2020. Unlike the other ...
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5 Reasons Why Learning Analytics Stimulates eLearning More

#1 Personalized Learning Space and Pace This post aims to remind people of their growth in anything as an absolute ...
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7 Advantages of Moodle LMS You Need to Know

If you don’t know what Moodle is, chances are you take that word for a kind of minutes-made Noodles (the ...
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6 Of Best Ways on How to Improve Your Learners’ Engagement

Learner’s engagement is one of the important concerns for organizations that employ the Learning Management System (LMS) for their employees’ ...
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Say Hello to MoodleNet, Your New Open Social Platform

What’s cooking? Well, this is the reason why is scrapped from this August. And from the Moodle version 3.8 ...
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Introducing LearnerScript, the Learning Analytics Tool for Moodle LMS

At the outset, we at eAbyas are excited to announce today the launching of LearnerScript – the advanced learning analytics ...
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Moodle 3.7

6 updates you need to know from Moodle 3.7 release

It’s good news for all the Moodle educators and Moodlers out there across the globe: Moodle released its latest version ...
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