Introducing LearnerScript, the Learning Analytics Tool for Moodle LMS

January 7, 2019

At the outset, we at eAbyas are excited to announce today the launching of LearnerScript – the learning analytics tool, built-in on top of the popular Moodle LMS.

This Moodle plugin is the only one of its kind.

We are excited because this reporting tool is certainly something that’s gonna make a world of difference for Moodle analytics for good. That’s why we are eager to share this good news with all the folks who use Moodle platform around the world.

Wondering? You will be. In fact, even more when you actually make use of this Moodle plugin for reporting of e-Learning/training data.

But why another analytics tool? You may ask us.

Okay. See this.

The first and foremost, LearnerScript is designed by a Moodle partner, especially for Moodle. It’s not a third-party tool, but a built-in plugin on Moodle platform itself. That means you are free from sharing your LMS data with a third-party reporting tool.

What a big relief!

Coming to making reports, any Moodle admin can create customized reports from the LMS data depending upon his/her requirement. No longer default analytics!

Thus, you say good bye with this awesome tool to default reports and dashboards that serve your purpose the least.

In case you want to use canned reports when you are running out of time? Fine, there are 40 plus canned reports at your disposal.

Either way, LearnerScript serves your need the best.

And, cost-wise?

Yes, the cost on the tool won’t break your bank for sure. No monthly or annual subscriptions.

However, you get the tool as One Time Purchase. All that without any hidden costs. Absolutely.

One more thing. LearnerScript is completely mobile-responsive. That is any Moodle admin, or a user can easily switch between the devices to use this tool  anywhere and anytime.

In a nutshell, this is the analytics plugin built for Moodle by a Moodle Partner. To know more about the highlights of its features, visit LearnerScript now.