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Founded in 2010, eAbyas has been the fastest growing eLearning/IT services company since its inception. We mainly cater to the eLearning needs i.e. educational and corporate training for the Higher Education institutions, corporate, and government agencies of any size and sector at home and abroad. The company has been Moodle Partners since 2014, a second such in India. Since then, we’ve contributed tens of Moodle custom plugins to clients to tailor-make Moodle for their unique L&D needs.



Sushil Karampuri

Managing Director, Moodle India

Sushil has been an eLearning specialist for over 22 years. He began his career with Survey Communications, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, before starting his entrepreneurial journey in the States and later in India. Sushil continued his stint at Tulane University, the USA. This proactive CEO holds a Masters in Information Technology from Louisiana State University (LSU) and an MBA from Tulane University, Louisiana.


Shyam Jadala

Head of Operations, Moodle India

As a seasoned technologist for about 22 years of working experience with leading MNCs in IT, Shyam has his hands-on almost all phases of the software industry, from development to delivery to support to project management. He holds a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from KITS, Warangal. Currently, Shyam oversees Business Development and guides the team in making sophisticated eLearning products for clients.

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