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Corporate training LMS that is robust, flexible, multitenancy and scalable for workspaces.


Advanced, On-premises installable, customizable analytics & reporting tool for Moodle.


Student Information & eLearning System built-on top of Moodle for Higher Education institutions.

We expertise in

Tailor-make an LMS based on your requirement. Our experts have developed 50 plus plugins for clients and 100 plus custom plugins for Moodle so far. Provide Custom Workflow Development for clients. Being partners with the popular Moodle LMS, our customized products and plugins conforms to the unmatched Moodle standards.

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Customize Moodle LMS requirements as per your L&D needs



Choose and pick Moodle custom pages for user-friendly UI/UX



Cater to the hosting needs – high to low performing Moodle sites



Can integrate your LMS with any tool – CMS, HRMS, LDAP, CiviCRM, LTI, etc.

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Vaxel Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai

Team eAbyas ensured swift Moodle instance post signup. Their Client Servicing and Technical Support ensured that our Moodle deployment was ready within the prescribed timelines and have ensured consistent post-sales support. We recommend them for large scale Moodle customized deployments any day and wish them tonnes of Goodluck & Godspeed.

Tulane University, U.S.A

Very good at capturing and translating requirement into the technology. As a result of our first engagement, we use eAbyas services for all our E-learning services.

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